“Beauty My Black” 2014 Blog Series – Demoted

We have to look at life with a new pair of eyes.  Pretend that God owns a company called, Your Life.  Let’s say it’s against the law to fire anyone at this company, much like in the family relationships we have. Well, you may be saying, “If I can’t fire anyone, then what’s the consequence of bad behavior?”

 The answer… is demoting the person to a “not so important”, position in your life. God will often demote people who have used their positions to hurt you in life. I found myself questioning God, when he altered the relationships within my own life. I let my circumstances push me into the arms of the world.  Everything happens for a reason. 

 When God removes someone from a certain high position in your life, it’s for your own good. Outwardly, that person may have seemed perfect for that spot in your life, but God can see their inward man and that’s what really matters. I’ve encounter people who looked and acted so friendly. I fought for them to be in my life… even though God continued to reveal the inward truth about these people. I eventually came to learn the inward man of those people and I learned to pay attention to what the lord is trying to tell me.

 Over the past couple years, God has removed so many people from my life. At first, I was confused and disappointed. Then, I woke up and realized that I felt lighter. That burden of negativity that was disguised as a friend, a loved one, or thing… was gone.

I look at my life now and understand that God knew exactly what he was doing.


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